Saturday, August 27, 2016

My Service Learning Opportunity at Cherry Hill Elementary

I am very excited for this semester to begin.  I was able to converse with Principal Alisa Hart and Asst. Principal Cathy Gateby about this upcoming opportunity at Cherry Hill Elementary for the upcoming semester(s).  The school is in a suburban setting. Cherry Hill is a K-6 program with a large Latino demographic (48%). The school also has a Spanish dual-immersion program.

I have not yet started my service learning. I have received my MAT in TESOL from USC and my major here at UVU  is in Special Education with an Autism minor. Those are the students that I will specialize in, however, I am more than willing to assist the teacher(s) (not yet assigned) wherever I can in accordance with the rules of the waiver. My goal is not to simply attain the 20 hours required by this class. My goal is to work throughout the school year as I have EDEL 2330 (Children's Literature) which also requires 20 hours. I will be able to do more every Friday and it will not be limited to a 20 hour window.  I feel that in order to make an impression on the students, I need to attend to their necessities instead of worrying about my own. If  I am there every Friday, that is the beginning of that process. My needs in terms of this class and subsequent classes will be completed, met and exceeded in the process. 

Principal Hart stated in her opening message to parents, "Our teachers and staff work diligently to help our school recognize each student’s potential, reach for their dreams, and find success every single day. We have amazing things happening at our school each and every day. This is a school where ALL students can succeed and realize their dreams!" This occurs through interaction with the students to help them see the different language patterns including cognates (regular and false) from Spanish to English and vice versa. It will also help students with special needs gain more confidence in their ability to perform in the classroom and overcome or at least adapt to their learning disabilities and recognize what works and what needs to occur to help the learning process continue and improve on a weekly basis.

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